Saturday, May 9, 2009

May Card Exchange Card/Thoughts on Embellishment

This is how I used the embellishment I did the demo for a couple of days ago. It's the card for my May card exchange. The paper is from BasicGrey, which I love, of course.

I also did a bit of doodling on the card front--something I never used to do, but seem to do more and more with each new design. A quick way to bring continuity to any card design is to trace the outer edges of the paper with a pen, the way I've done here. I know that I have to have seen it at least 100 times before it finally dawned on me it was there--it's amazing how it really does seem to bring everything together, and it's one of those extra touches, like inking edges, that you probably don't even notice, except to miss it when it's not there.

Hopefully people like it! I love to incorporate my handmade accents, especially the complex ones, in such a way that they're not necessarily center stage. I believe it helps accomplish even more the sense that it was something I purchased rather than something I made. Too often, I think, we make beautifully complex things and because they took a while, we want them to take center stage. Maybe the next time you do something like that, try making it just a supporting element rather than the main focus. Later on, when someone invariably says they loved the accent you put on the card, you can say you made it, and let them gasp and stare at it with new appreciation. ^_~

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