Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love 'em! (Some random product discussion)

I'm going to randomly gush about some of my favorite products, just because I feel like it. Now I'm in no way affiliated with any of these companies, and I don't get any commission from JoAnn for talking up any of their products, and not all of these things can be bought at JoAnn anyway. So here is a list of MUST HAVE products, just from the top of my head:

The first thing that comes to mind is the BasicGrey Rubon Tool. It's gray in color and has a roller ball at one end and black paddle shaped piece at the other end. It does SUCH a marvelous job of attaching rubons that this product is singlehandedly responsible for my current rubon obsession which is very great, indeed. They sell for about $6.99 each and I've found them locally at Scrapbooks, Etc. (Gilbert, AZ) and I've also seen them in Hobby Lobby.

Random Tip for Storing Rubons: I store mine standing up in a scrapbook file. If they get squished, the rubons can stick to the "non-stick" paper and come apart when you try to peel them away and get ruined. Don't ever stack anything on your rubons.

For rubber and clear stamping (mostly clear for me!), I absolutely ADORE almost any ink manufactured by Tsunkineko. VersaMark, VersaMagic, etc... I love, love, love the Versamagic Dewdrop inks. They're sold in packages of four at $9.99 each when they're not on sale, but they are often on sale when I go into JoAnn. JoAnn, as a rule, has a much better selection of colors than Michael's, and I'm not just saying that because I teach there. I particularly adore the set marked "Jewel Box". It comes with Perfect Plumeria (a rich, deep red color), Purple Hydrangea (an absolutely beautiful darker purple color), Spanish Olive (a warm, dark green), and Aegean Blue (a glorious sapphire blue color). The card at the left of my banner on the top of this page was made with the red, blue, and green from this set. I LOVE those colors!

For glue, I don't think you can beat the Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive. This glue creates a nearly instant bond from paper to paper (you have a few seconds to work with it, or reposition, but seriously... only a FEW), and will securely hold buttons and acrylic jewels and other little attachments to your paper crafting pieces. Probably my favorite thing about this glue is that it has a cap that will support the glue when it's turned upside down. I like to just use the cap like a little docking station. I glue what I need and set the glue upside down in the cap, not even screwing it back on. I get to go through my entire project that way very quickly!

I may come up with more products later, but those are the three that popped into my head today. I'm going to get a project together and photograph it using two of my other favorite products which I can't just tell anyone about--I have to show them off!!!

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